Accessory & Component Supply

We stock and have access to thousands of spare parts and accessories for numerous makes and models of kitchen appliances. Call in today to see if we can help and remember! Don't forget your Make and Model Number!

Now You’ve Provided Your Make & Model…

… we can use a large number of manufacturer & distributor databases to research availability. We supply & order genuine original parts but also regularly advise on the best value for money parts. You may not always need to buy the official manufacturers parts, if your appliance is out of warranty.

Professional Repairers and Service Organisations

Many local service companies & independent engineers order their parts from us. We are competitive and very happy to offer tips & advice where appropriate.

Have A Go Yourself

There are many repair and maintenance tasks which are risk-free and straight forward. In such cases, where customers like to carry out their own fault diagnosis and repairs. We’re also happy to offer tips & advice.

Need a Little Help ? No problem! We Have an In-House Service and Repair Centre.

So you’ve purchased a component and you’ve got a little out of your depth fitting it. No worries !! Return to our ‘Services Tab’ and read the ‘Household Appliance Maintenance & Repairs section’. Assuming you’ve purchased the spare part or accessory from Whitakers and you get stuck; we’re happy for you to bring your appliance to the shop and we’ll try to help **


Appliance Supply & Replacement

This is exactly what we specialise in! We provide clear advice on built-in & integrated appliances. Whether you’re wanting to replace an existing appliance or planning a complete kitchen refit. We make the process simple for selecting the appropriate product and you can be certain that you have made the right choice!

Helping you make the right choice!

Existing Appliance Replacement

There are two very simple things you can do to make the process of choosing replacement appliances much easier. Take some pictures and note down the brand and model number of the appliance/s you want to replace. In most cases this information will enable us, to very quickly identify appropriate products.

Think about the features and functions you’d like. Tell us your dislikes. The more you tell us, the better able we are to help. We offer a home measuring and advice service*** for those circumstances where the information you’ve provided does not enable us to positively identify an appropriate replacement.

Planning a New Kitchen

We are not kitchen planners, but work closely with a number of local businesses which are. Browse our links section to find out more about some of the kitchen showrooms we are happy to recommend. A useful tip when planning your new kitchen is to have a good idea which appliances you would like in it. It’s far easier to design your new kitchen when you’ve already made your appliance choices. Feel free to come and chat to us or bring in your kitchen plans and we’ll offer friendly helpful advice. Don’t get talked into appliances that you’re not happy with. The choice we can offer is vast.

***We are happy to conduct a FREE home survey for your built-in kitchen appliance/s (within 20 miles of our retail premises in Shipley, West Yorkshire). We are well practiced at finding exactly the right appliance/s that fit your requirements, personal taste and budget..

Built-in & Integrated Appliance Installation Service

Now you’ve made your choice, do you want to use our delivery & installation service?

The choice is yours and we respect the fact that many of our customers are more than capable of installing their own built-in kitchen appliances or are already working with an existing fitter. We invite you to click on our ‘Services’ tab where we highlight the benefits of our first class ‘Installation Service’ . Remember if you take advantage of this service, you will not have to worry about aligning appliances, wooden furniture doors and panels to cabinet housings. An incorrectly installed built-in / integrated appliance can ruin the aesthetic of a beautiful kitchen.

Disposal & Recycling Service

We briefly touch on this subject towards the end of our ‘Installation Services’ tab. One of the hardest things to get rid of is an old washing machine or fridge-freezer. There are few cars that these items will fit comfortably in, without risk of damage to the vehicle interior. Whilst your local authority will operate a domestic waste facility, getting your unwanted appliance/s there is often not practical.

Many people opt to arrange for the council to come and collect their old appliances, which can often take some time from the initial request and means that you might have an old machine on your driveway for some time. Here at Whitakers we can take all of this inconvenience away from you. Not only do we supply and install your new appliance/s, we also offer an environmentally friendly appliance disposal service.

Contact us or pop in to our shop for some helpful advice.

Collection – Delivery – Installation Advice

There are four levels of service we offer.

Self Collect

Where the customer collects the appliance/s from the shop. Please make certain you have arranged with a staff member a collection appointment time. Please make certain the vehicle you are using is suitable for this purpose. Have you got someone at the delivery end to assist with lifting?

‘Doorstep’ Drop Off

Our most basic delivery option. We deliver the appliance literally to your ‘doorstep’. If your existing appliance is waiting at the ‘doorstep’ we will dispose of it **. Please think carefully if this is the right option for you!!

Delivered to Room

Where possible we will deliver your appliance/s to the room/s of your choice. We would need to know in advance if there are any steps / staircases, narrow passageways, obstructions etc which might impede access. We can remove the existing appliance/s ** free of charge. The appliance/s for disposal must be pre-disconnected and freely removable from their resting position/s.

Installation & Delivery

This option has all the boxes ticked. We will arrive, disconnect the existing appliance/s, remove it/them, then install the new one/s in its/there place/s. We can dispose of the existing appliance/s ** and packaging free of charge.

** With the exception of refrigeration appliances including dehumidifiers and heat-pump tumble dryers, we dispose of existing appliances free of charge. If you have a refrigeration product which requires disposal, please enquire about our prevailing disposal/recycling fees.

Household Appliance Delivery And Installation Services

From ‘ Self Collect “ to “ Full Appliance Installation “. We offer varying levels of service, according to your needs.

Fitted By Experts

Whilst it is becoming increasingly common for many devices around the home to come with the convenience of "plug and play" technology; the reality is that most domestic appliances are not “plug & play” compatible. We believe your new kitchen appliance should be installed by an expert, given the inherent dangers of working with a device that uses water and/or electrical current. We accept that some of our customers are perfectly capable of installing kitchen appliances safely.

With the above in mind, here at Whitakers of Shipley we offer 4 levels of service for the delivery/installation of your newly purchased kitchen appliance. We have skilled engineers who will make sure your appliance is installed correctly and to your satisfaction. We have varying fee structures depending on which service-level you choose. To find information on the 4 levels of service we offer, Click Here. You are also welcome to call us at the shop on 01274 584709 to discuss your options and the associated costs.

The Risks of Fitting Appliances Yourself

When you consider how few people genuinely read the instruction manual, it is not surprising that many installations quickly turn into a costly nightmares. We urge in the strongest possible terms that where a customer is undertaking their own installations, the manufacturer guidelines are always followed.

Health and Safety

Household appliances come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and weights. Although the item itself may seem manageable to some people, you should also consider that the appliance will arrive packaged for transport. Often it will be on a heavy wooden palette and include a deep frame of polystyrene to protect it during transit. For those of us who are not trained how to lift and manoeuvre heavy objects, man-handling a large appliance up a few steps and into your home can be a dangerous experience - one that your back may never forgive you for. Our delivery team know exactly how to lift and deliver items safely.

Invalidating Your Warranty

Fitting something like a washing machine may seem completely straight forward to many people, but anyone can make a simple mistake. The problem is, if you make an error that damages your new appliance, you are unlikely to be covered under your manufacturer's warranty. It would be a shame to be stuck with a broken appliance before you even had the chance to use it. It could be an expensive mistake and one that is completely avoidable if you choose our very popular Installation Service.

Fitted, Tested & Fully Working

Many people choose to have their electrical appliances fitted by us because it takes all the worry and hassle out of the process. Our installation team members are experts in all of the product lines we supply. They will ensure that your appliance fits perfectly and is left in full working order. They'll even give you a quick tutorial on your new appliance!

Disposal & Recycling Service

If you find that you can't get your old fridge, freezer, oven, washing machine etc to the local tip do not worry. Not only can we remove and ethically dispose of your old appliance, but we will also dispose of all the packaging that comes with your new appliance.

Disposal & Recycling Service

The subject of disposal and recycling features in a number of our ‘Services’ tabs. In this regard we believe we are exemplary at providing convenience and ensuring our customers do not expose themselves to unnecessary physical risk. There is another very important reason why we take pride in this service…….!

‘Environmentally Friendly Disposal & Recycling Service’

Whilst many of our modern appliances may appear relatively similar to the machines and devices we have been using for the past 50 years, there have been some radical changes that require a responsible approach to disposal.

As you may already be aware, CFC's have not been used in the manufacturing of refrigeration units for over ten years now. However, we do find that some of the much older fridges and freezers we are asked to remove, still contain CFC's. We make sure these items are dismantled correctly, in order to cause minimum effect to our environment.

It is important that recyclable materials used in the production of modern appliances do not rot into the ground and potentially poison the environment into which are dumped. Whenever you see an old appliance fly tipped on a quiet country lane, think about the chemicals that are waiting to escape into the soil. Here at Whitakers we are committed to helping you do your bit to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Recycling Rare and Harmful Materials

Google copper supply and there are numerous references to how scarce it’s becoming. Copper is still used in many modern appliances and we make sure that it makes it's way back into the general recycling system to ensure that the UK is managing its copper stocks correctly.

Modern electrical appliances contain computer technologies such as circuit boards. These mini computer brains often use rare earth metals that should be recycled correctly. If such items are dumped and left to degrade, they can pass harmful chemicals and metals into the soil that in turn feeds into the water table.

Not Just Harmful To The Environment…

We take away appliance wrappings and work in an orderly manner. We also try to clear up after ourselves and we want to know if you feel we’ve left your house or premises in an untidy state. We are aware that polythene sheets, chunks of polystyrene and splintered wood can pose great danger to children and small animals. We always try to take great care of your environment! We have a dedicated area in our warehouse facility where appliances and recyclables can be stored prior to collection by our chosen waste and recycling agent.

Disposal & Recycling Fees…

In most cases there are no fees, however there is charge for the uplift and recycling of refrigeration appliances. We will inform you if there are any charges before concluding a sale.

Thank you for taking the time to read this ‘Services’ tab…

Household Appliance Maintenance & Repairs

Most of us at one time or another have been inconvenienced by an appliance ceasing to function correctly. With this in mind we have a dedicated in store repair centre & for those customers who require a call out, we now work in conjunction with “appliance services” & numerous other manufacturer service centres.

Call Out & Field Service Visits - We Can Help!

We recently restructured our after-sales-service division and no longer undertake many of the ' Field Service Calls ' we used to. However, we welcome all enquiries regarding the repair & maintenance of household kitchen appliances, where an engineer call out may be required. We provide helpful advice over the phone and should you feel it's time to replace, we will happily quote for a suitable new product.

Over 50 Years of In-House Servicing & Maintenance Experience

For the best part of 50 years; Whitakers Of Shipley has been servicing and repairing major household electrical appliances. We have a wealth of experience and believe ourselves to be one of the best repair centres in the Yorkshire Region. We ask for a small deposit when you bring your appliance; in return for which; you will be provided with an itemised estimate. Should you accept our estimate, then your deposit is fully refunded.

Domestic Cooking Appliances, Domestic Laundry & Dishwashing Appliances etc. Whatever you require repairing, give us a ring on 01274 584709 and we'll let you know if you can bring it into our repair and maintenance centre.

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