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Inventing Boiling Water Taps

Europe Loves the Quooker

Quooker manufacturer Peteri BV is based in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands. Every day, over 80 employees contribute to the development, production and marketing of Quooker in our 7,000 m² office. We have branches in England, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

Quooker is constantly improving its products. This has resulted in the development of high-vacuum insulation, the COMBI, the COMBI+, the Nordic Twintaps and our all-in-one Fusion tap. Innovating, refining, adjusting and optimizing are at the core of our company.

Registered as a brand in 1989, Quooker’s descriptive and internationally recognisable name has proven to be a great success. The Quooker is the world’s first boiling-water tap and the company holds global patents both on the Quooker and some of its parts. The Quooker brand represents high-end technology and excellent quality – qualifications cherished and safeguarded by Peteri BV.