Where can i park if i wish to visit your shop ?

If you wish to park your car near the shop, there are 3 options available within the proximity of the shop.

1. You may use the Car Park located on Atkinson Street, directly behind the shop.

2. There are limited spaces on the forecourt of our shop. With delivery vans always coming and going, there is not always a space guaranteed. There is more space however on a Saturday, where we usually have only one van coming and going from the shop.

3. There are bays dotted around the proximity of the shop on Westgate behind the shop and Wharf Street over the road from the shop.


What are your opening times for Christmas 2018 ?

Registering Your Kitchen Appliance Free Promotional Warranty !

Some of the kitchen appliances we sell are eligible for free promotional extended warranties.  It is usually the case that these types of warranty must be applied for directly by the customer/consumer  via the appliance manufacturer website.  Whitakers of Shipley does not undertake this on behalf of our customers,  but we are more than happy to help & offer advice to customers encountering difficulties when registering their appliances. 


You Might Be Eligible For Cashback Or A Manufacturer’s Promotional Offer !

It is becoming increasingly common for kitchen appliance manufacturers to offer purchase incentives. Details of such promotions are available for viewing on the respective manufacturer websites. We regret we cannot take responsibility for informing our customers about; or claiming such promotions. We strongly urge all customers to scrutinise the manufacturer, offers & promotions pages on the appropriate websites and apply directly for any applicable incentives.



Damage to property & flooring !

Our Installation team members and Service Engineers endeavour to take the greatest care when working inside customer’s homes & property. Unfortunately though, it is inevitable that accidents happen. The greatest challenge we face is with flooring.

Wooden/laminate floors can easily mark, soft cushion type flooring can easily ripple or tear & stone flooring can easily be scratched. We do use protective material where appropriate, but sometimes this creates slip & trip hazards. We ask our customers to be mindful that moving range cookers & large refrigeration products within some traditional UK properties which have narrow passage ways and standard doorways is extremely difficult.  We also ask our customers to contemplate the process we will have to go through in terms of transporting & positioning appliances within property.  Sometimes damage will take place in the course of manoeuvring appliances. We regret that we will not be able to make good scuffs, scratches, marks & tears to flooring. We ask customers to raise any concerns before the delivery/stroke installation appointment vis a vis flooring or any other aspect of property.


Refrigerated cabinet temperature, leaking water and freezing up issues !

A refrigerated cabinet is a general term used for either a fridge, fridge-freezer or freezer.  The most common faults are,  fluctuating temperature, icing up and producing puddles.  The door seal on a refrigerated cabinet is very important and is usually the cause of such problems.

As seals age they become less supple and their magnetic grip weakens.  This allows warm, humid air to pass into the cabinet, which in turn condenses and turns into water or ice.  Air can also pass into a refrigerated cabinet on a new appliance, when the door hinging is altered.  This happens because, when the cabinet leaves the factory, the hinged side of the door is always pulled more firmly against the cabinet body, leaving it in a crushed state.  When the hinging is swapped, the crushed seal section often fails to make proper contact with the cabinet body.  This can usually be resolved by using a hair-dryer on the crushed seal and weakening it, until it's supple again.  Always make certain your cabinet seal is making good contact all the way round, especially along the bottom where it is difficult to view.  The older your cabinet, the more likely you are to have a seal related fault.

Cabinet temperature fluctuation and icing up can also be caused by doors being left accidentally ajar or open for prolonged periods of time during loading & unloading.  A frost free freezer cabinet is particularly susceptible to failure when its door is left open.  Huge quantities of ambient temperature air can be sucked in.  The extraction fan can only cope with a limited amount of ambient air before it condenses and freezes.  The ventilation ducts within the frost free system can actually accumulate condensed water and freeze up before the fan has time to extract.  This can result in unstable cabinet temperatures and in the worst case a cabinet can actually revert to room temperature.  The very inconvenient solution to this, is to empty the cabinet or cabinets and switch the appliance off for 48 hours which facilitates a full defrost of the inaccessible ventilations ducts.  This works is many cases, but not all.



It is very important customers inspect or unpack and inspect appliances/products within 14 days of delivery/installation!

We appreciate that sometimes damage can go unnoticed after taking delivery of a new appliance.  With this in mind, we ask our customers to reinspect exterior panels, mouldings, glass sections and control panels within 14 days of delivery.  If previously unnoticed damage is subsequently discovered it must be reported as soon as possible and absolutely no later than 14 days.

We're very sorry if you discover your new appliance is damaged. We will act immediately.  Your options are:

1. Appliance/Product exchange 

2. Panel replacement if possible and when requested by the customer

3. Negotiated percentage refund agreed by both parties

4. Collection and refund of appliance/product 

If it is your intention to purchase appliances/products from Whitakers of Shipley and keep them in their original wrappings and packaging for longer than 14 days without inspection,  we are unable to implement any of the above 4 options.


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